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Concrete Countertops

Whether it’s a one piece vanity, full kitchen countertop replacement, concrete furniture, and custom concrete art pieces made to order. We are your one stop concrete contractor for concrete countertops. We have samples and selection guides for choosing your particular style of concrete countertop. If you can design it we can make it.

Pricing for concrete countertops run from $65 for rustic pour in place countertops. We do these rustic concrete countertops usually for outdoor kitchens and wall caps. Most interior polished countertops start at $80 per square foot for a good size project. This includes a 1.5-2” thick concrete countertop with an edge treatment and cut outs for over mounts sinks. Any under mount or integral sinks and washboards are priced per design.

You can get granite countertops for around $50 per square foot. Why pay more for concrete countertops? I put my general pricing for a reason. I want to make it clear our countertops on the highest end price wise.

That being said, we sell our concrete countertops mainly on the look. For a modern or contemporary look, granite just won’t do. Our countertops are one of a kind pieces of art. People will come to your house and ask about them. They can be tailored to fit your exact design needs. Colors, sizes, shapes, are all free form. I just completed this concrete vanity with a wedge and disappearing water drain.

Concrete Experts can create a myriad of concrete countertops as well as grind to expose inlayed objects, such as glass chips, sea shells, mother of pearl, or even moon stones to glow in the dark. LED fiber lighting can be placed throughout the surface for a color changing bar.

We can do your concrete countertops anywhere in Houston TX. From start to finish give us about three weeks from sale to install. This is a %50 start %50 finish type of bid. We can also support your base cabinets or build supports for an additional charge.

We also offer production per specs and give the customer the option of install it themselves. For granite installers who need the fabrication we are more than happy to help.

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