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Stained Concrete

Every thing you need to know about concrete floors

Stained concrete flooring is a uniquely versatile medium where an infinite number of color and finishes can be applied. The ability to achieve a range of styles from elegant to rustic, modern to industrial is what keeps concrete at the forefront of architecture. Concrete can only be transformed by true professionals with the experience to achieve a beauty rivaled only by nature. Concrete Experts has that experience and transforming concrete in Houston Texas has been our passion for 15 years.

Stained concrete is a process by the surface of a concrete is colored by a chemical reaction or acid stains. See our preferred manufacturer's color charts and examples of floors here http://www.kemiko.com . Acid staining concrete is best for new construction floors or concrete that has not been contaminated. Because it relies on a chemical reactions, acid stained concrete is the most precarious and variegated or marbled way to stain your concrete. Reactive stain is also the most permanent or durable stain because it is a chemical reaction, it does not rely on pigments that break down over time when exposed to UV sunlight. Stained concrete floors are often scored with bordered or tile patterns. These scored lines can additionally be grouted. Once stained we will seal the floor with either a sealer and floor finish or for a matte finish we will paste wax and buff the floors. Stained concrete is an invaluable yet affordable way to put that wow factor in your project.

Acid stained concrete is not always best suited for stained concrete. There is an alternative to acid stained concrete, dyed concrete. Dyed concrete is a micro-pigment dye that is carried into the pores by acetone. There are many advantages that acetone dye stained concrete have.

These two products are the only two methods by which a professional will refer to or sell as stained concrete. There are other ways to color your concrete when these are no longer viable options. When choosing a stained concrete contractor be sure to find out exactly what products are being proposed. This will tell you a lot about the quality of work product you will receive.

Colored sealer are pigmented sealer that can color the concrete for as long as they sealer lasts. The come in solid color and opaque. These are the staining products you often see in big box stores and even Sherwin Williams marketed as concrete stains. These are never good products to be used on new installations and should always be used as a last resort. We often are called out by customer who applied these products and shortly thereafter the installation failed. Removing them is costly and the only way to fix them is often to reapply the same product over and over again. Shoddy contractors will also try to utilize the subpar stains much to their customers disappointment.

Another method coming into popularity is polished concrete. For the industrial look or a maintenance free floor, polished concrete is achieved by diamond polishing the concrete with successively finer grits of diamond polishing pad until the surface become reflective and smooth enough to serve as the final finish and maintenance surface. Although more expensive than traditional staining, polished concrete's valued will be realized in cost savings for years to come. This is why you see concrete polishing in many of Houston's commercial building. The cost saving in maintenance and initial installation costs make polished concrete the obvious choice for high traffic floor. If grey polished concrete isn't enough we also stain and polish, creating a vibrant and resilient floor. See our polished color chart here ; http://www.ameripolish.com/color-charts/ameripolish-surelock-system.pdf  

Want the polished concrete look without the price? We have waxes and sealer that will make your grey concrete look like polished concrete for a fraction of the price. Cleaning and sealing concrete is a very popular choice for many customers who want an industrial or modern look with character.  

Many other benefits from staining concrete instead of traditional floor covering methods are:  

New construction stained concrete process and pricing. At 2000 sq. ft. a typical concrete stain and seal costs about $2-3.50 per square foot depending on if it’s a one color stain and seal, or a bordered scored grouted concrete floor. Most people choose the simple one color stain and seal. For polished concrete $4-5 per square foot depending on final sheen high or matte finish. For stained and polished concrete we charge $5-6 per square foot. These prices change dramatically with the total square footage and condition of concrete, give us a call anytime for an over the phone quote. We always like to install floor after "weather in" stage of construction and then we cover the floor to protect it throughout construction. Customer is responsible for maintaining the covering throughout the building process and we return at the final clean stage to touch up and refinish floors.  

Driveway concrete staining is usually best done on a fairly new and well finished driveway. $1.50 is the average per square foot price and on larger driveway we have stained for a s little as $1. Bordering and staining a driveway is a great alternative to coatings and overlays that will eventually need replacement. From condominiums to residential homes concrete staining a driveway is an affordable a dramatic improvement.  

Patios and porches can also be stained for around $2.50 per square foot. A great way to enhance the look of your backyard or entryway, adding a Texas star or darker borders can really spice up a drab slab. Acid staining will never chip, fade, peel, or delaminate.  

We service Houston and surrounding counties for your project. We have installed stained concrete in Houston for over 15 years and have the portfolio and references to prove our expertise. Concrete Experts is your stained concrete and polished concrete flooring experts.  


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