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Concrete Repair

Concrete repair and resurfacing is a good option as long as the concrete is structurally sound. We often utilize concrete overlays, micro toppings, resurfacing products , and stamped concrete overlays to achieve a new look on your concrete.

Interior remodel floors are often a good candidate for a micro topping. When installing new stained concrete in a home with previous flooring we can restore your floor or resurface the old floor with a new thin layer of concrete. That layer of concrete serves as a blank canvass for your stain project. Depending on the style you want to you achieve this is often the best option for remodel floors. It allows us to control the outcome of your concrete floor project. The micro topping can be applied with an integral color mixed in for a more uniform and subtle color, or stained for a more marbleized and vibrant color. The micro toppings come in grey and white for more vibrant or lighter colors. Once your new concrete floor is installed, it is sealed and waxed for ongoing maintenance.

For those with concrete in good condition or who just like the industrial vibe we can clean and patch as needed and simply stain the concrete you have or just seal it. Often in commercial spaces with carpet, the carpet can be pulled and the glue removed, exposing the original slab. This slab can be stained and sealed. For bars and restaurants seeking the rustic look and imperfect floor made add to the character of an interior.

Restore or resurface , either way Concrete Experts can repair and restore your concrete floors making them the center of attention.
For those who have existing stained concrete floors that need a little color enhancement and refinishing we have the experience to make them look new again. We can often recolor the floor (darker only) and reseal and wax making them look as good as the day they were installed.

Exterior concrete repair is an area with which we excel and you might be surprised what we can do with your old concrete. We can resurface your driveway with a simple grey grout making it look new. Do you have foundation repair holes or mismatched sections from driveway repairs? Make it look new again for a very reasonable cost. For a little more decorative touch we can color the grout and color the driveway or patio.

Flagstone overlays are hand stenciled and hand colored overlays that look just like flagstone for $3-4 per square foot on a typical 400 square foot patio. They can also be used on driveways and walkways. Allowing you to completely redo your concrete at about half the cost of stamped overlay. Only available in the flagstone style they are a great alternative to stenciled concrete and limestone coatings.

Stamped concrete overlays are a way of coating sound concrete with a stamped concrete pattern and color. We can do a quarter inch overlay, 2” cap and 4” standard stamped concrete. We can match the quarter inch overlay material to new stamped concrete but they will age differently. Stamped concrete can be repaired in areas but rarely color matched. We often get clients who have foundation repairs holes in stamped concrete. We can patch the areas and reseal making them barely noticeable.

Stenciled concrete, spray deck, and cool deck are all very popular concrete finishes for pool areas. We have extensive experience in texture and color matching. We often recommend repainting the entire area when repairing sprayed or knock down concrete finishes.

Whether interior or exterior Concrete Experts can help you with your concrete repair, patch, resurface, micro topping, or overlay.

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